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Indulge in these Chinese New Year puddings

Chinese New Year. The celebration of a momentous start to a new year. A gathering of family, good friends and great food. Here’s where to indulge in the best Chinese New Year puddings in Hong Kong. On top of dining customs shrouded in symbolic means — dinner menus should comprise of eight (八) dishes, a homophone to prosperity and wealth (發) in Chinese; fish is served in reference to a Chinese idiom that wishes for abundance (年年有餘) — two dishes […]


還有不到一個月就到農曆新年,盆菜自然是慶祝佳節必備。由酒店星級盆菜到首創蟹粉款式,推介盆滿缽滿矜貴之選,一家團聚迎新年。 唐人館 —— 牛市報喜十八盆菜 置地廣場唐人館推出牛市報喜十八盆菜($1,988/位 $2,933/六位),主打食材包括原隻澳洲鮑魚、金山勾翅、精選花膠、宗谷元貝等,還有安格斯牛肋肉、金陵紅燒肉、白切香妃雞和紅燒鵝掌等。蔬菜則有本地芋頭、蘿蔔、脆炸枝竹等18種高貴食材。由即日至2021年2月28日只供外賣自取,記得至少三天前預訂。

The Best Poon Choi In Hong Kong For Chinese New Year 2021

From classic prosperity poon choi to vegetarian takes, we’re listing where to get the best poon choi for Chinese New Year 2021 There’s a lot of things that go hand in hand with Chinese New Year—from red packets to puddings and gifts––but there’s one that’s needed for a time of reunions and celebrations and that’s the traditional Cantonese dish, poon choi or Chinese casserole. After being hampered by the ongoing pandemic, it seems more significant than ever to enjoy this […]

Ordering in? Here are Hong Kong’s top delivery and takeaway menus, depending on your cravings

Living in this food-driven city, we’re all spoilt for choice when it comes to dinner choices that are available just with a few taps on our phone. Here, we’ve done the hard work for you and put together a list of deliveries and takeaways that’ll satisfy every type of craving. Check back regularly for updates. I’m hungry for… Pizza Italian Japanese Burgers Indian Chinese China Tang In traditional Chinese cuisine, the cooler months are often marked by nourishing ingredients and […]

New Eats: Winter warmers and seasonal delicacies from China Tang, Écriture and more

Temperatures in Hong Kong have finally dipped below the 20s, bringing along with it crisp, cool air with just enough sun in the day to truly enjoy being outdoors — plus a craving for soothing, soulful fare reserved for winter. Whether you’re looking to warm up the belly with bubbling pots of flavourful stews and rich, soupy broths; charred and delicious claypot rice casseroles; or tuck into heartier fare with a selection of game dishes on offer, here are some […]

Hong Kong Restaurant News: Butter’s Landmark Pop-Up, Cookie DPT’s New Treats And More

The holiday season is approaching with new sweets and Chinese winter dishes There is good news for food lovers, and then there is great news. The expected arrival of Christmas festive menus is enriching our holiday celebrations despite the current social distancing measures. Even though hairy crab season is ending and Chinese New Year has yet to arrive, there is plenty to look forward to throughout this holiday season, as we anticipate the arrival of new cakes and cookies, and […]

The Best Hairy Crab Menus To Try This November

The freshwater crustaceans are back, and this year they are better than ever As the popularity and demand for Chinese hairy crabs are rise, so too does the quality of the crabs, as well as the variety of dishes showcasing their rich meat and roe. Traditionally, October to December are the three months crucial for the harvest of hairy crab, whether it’s the round-belly female crabs or pointy-belly male crabs, both of which have their fans. Hairy crab lovers favour […]

盤點2020中秋月餅禮盒優惠推介|35+間好味送禮之選 嘉麟樓、皇玥、望月月餅外還有…

今年中秋節遇上4天連假,跟家人食完團圓飯,還可以跟朋友、另一半繼續賞月團圓。既然如此,今年要買多一兩盒月餅禮盒,跟大班親友分享。編輯搜羅坊間近40間月餅禮盒,除了人氣的皇玥月餅、望月月餅及嘉麟樓奶黃月餅,亦有不少月餅禮盒包裝精緻,月餅口味創新,部分更已售罄!立即網上搶購心水的月餅口味吧。 2020月餅送禮推介25. 唐人館中秋月餅禮盒 唐人館中秋月餅禮盒共有2款,雙黃白蓮蓉月餅4件裝以鵝黃與琥珀橙盒包裝,上面印上鳥語圖案,轎以復古風鏤空窗框,鮮明有活力;另一款迷你匠心奶黃月餅8件裝,以嫣紅色與湖水藍設計,中式窗框透出艷麗桃紅色,形成強烈對比,極富西洋中國風亮麗風格。 雙黃白蓮蓉月餅裡面是原個金香鹹蛋黃,用上純正花生油令餅皮鬆軟,入口甘香軟滑。 而奶黃月餅用上頂級鹹蛋黃及精選天然牛油,牛油餅皮鬆化細緻,月餅內外散發濃郁奶黃香。原價$388,8月31日前享$278早鳥優惠價。


還有不到一個月就到中秋節,2020中秋月餅己接受預購!大家開始準備過節食材了嗎?說起中秋節,又怎能少了老少咸宜的月餅,在云云月餅中,奶黃月餅相信是不少朋友的最愛,鬆脆的外皮包裹著甜絲絲的奶黃餡料,到底今年有什麼特別推介?編輯決定和大家率先看25+奶黃月餅,附上抵買度和美觀度,文末還有營養師溫馨小提醒。 唐人館:迷你匠心奶黃月餅 唐人館的迷你匠心奶黃月餅,結合頂級鹹蛋黃及精選天然牛油作材料,奶黃餡蛋香味濃,牛油餅皮鬆化細緻,口感絲滑綿密,細膩動人。嫣紅色與湖水藍設計的盒子,印上鳥語花香圖案,中式窗框透出艷麗桃紅色,對比強烈吸睛,四個抽屜內包含共八個迷你奶黃月餅,每包兩個。 價錢: 8件裝迷你匠心奶黃月餅:$388(優惠價:$278) 抵買度:★★★★☆ 美觀度:★★★★☆

New Eats: Miss Lee’s latest menu, afternoon tea with Shiseido, ‘early bird’ dinners at China Tang and more

Following the much needed relaxation of social distancing measures across Hong Kong’s F&B industry, we’re here to bring you a bumper crop of the latest restaurant offerings. From cult cocktail pairings and beautifying afternoon teas to compelling dinnertime discounts, here are all the spots you should be dining in at over the next few weeks. ‘Early bird’ dinner discounts at China Tang (both locations) If there were any lingering doubts that Hong Kong restaurateurs really want you back up in […]

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