The Best Business Lunch Spots In Hong Kong

Because poor choices in restaurants is a handicap when it comes to sealing the deal

The modern business lunch is but a delicate pas de deux, where a deft touch when it comes to showing your culinary credentials is as essential to the deal making as the art of the gab. And why should a work meal be a dull procession of forgettable and overly expensive grub at all? After all, good taste in restaurants reflects, in our opinion, the highest level of self-care and assuredness—don’t be caught out with a gastronomic faux pas and take our advice for the finest tables to ensure smooth runnings.

China Tang

Landmark’s fine dining Chinese restaurant provides a dramatic backdrop of art and Chinoiserie, when a classic show of taste is in need. Befriend chef Menex Cheung and you might even gain street cred when you knowingly and purposefully order some exquisite off menu dishes; even if not, the procession of intricate Chinese dishes, from dim sum to local baby lobster cooked to your liking, will win them over anyway.

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