Indulge in these Chinese New Year puddings

Chinese New Year. The celebration of a momentous start to a new year. A gathering of family, good friends and great food. Here’s where to indulge in the best Chinese New Year puddings in Hong Kong.

On top of dining customs shrouded in symbolic means — dinner menus should comprise of eight (八) dishes, a homophone to prosperity and wealth (發) in Chinese; fish is served in reference to a Chinese idiom that wishes for abundance (年年有餘) — two dishes continue to lead as the holiday’s must-have: leen goh and turnip cake.

Not-to-be-missed Chinese New Year favourites, the former is a sweet sticky glutinous rice cake, often referred to as pudding due to its similar chewy consistency; while the latter, a savoury creation traditionally comprised of grated radishes with dried ham and conpoy. Like holiday traditions passed down generations, there’s a different way to celebrate and different preference for traditional pudding in every family.

From traditional recipes to more modern takes, here are a few of the season’s best puddings to savour.

China Tang Landmark

Keeping true to tradition, China Tang’s pudding celebrates the holiday with classic flavours and familiar ingredients. Home-made with the restaurant’s surreptitious ‘secret recipes’, the turnip pudding (HK$328) is a tried-and-true creation made with grated fresh radish, generous layers of local Chinese sausage, with added shrimp paste, dried tiger shrimps, homemade shrimp roe and Sakura shrimp that offer an extra fragrant kick. Similarly, the leen goh (HK$328) is an archetypal creation and counts Okinawa brown sugar and fresh coconut juice as its main ingredients — artificial sugar and water nowhere in sight.

Order details: China Tang’s new year pudding is available for order from now through to 11 February. Early bird offers at HK228/box are available for offers placed before 22 January.

China Tang Landmark, Shop 411- 413, 4/F, Landmark Atrium, 15 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong, +852 2522 2148

Indulge in these Chinese New Year puddings

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